Nature Heals (Part 4 of 4): The Ocean

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I’m honored to invite special guest blogger, Carla Groccini-Concha for today’s post. Carla and her wife Gina are working with the tumultuous challenge of baby-loss. They lost their newborn baby boy, Luca D’ Oro, earlier this year and have been working to find meaning and peace through their grief ever since. This is her story of how the Ocean has helped them through.

The Ocean

by Carla Groccini-Concha

One of the first few weeks after Luca passed, I read a quote that said “The cure for anything is saltwater – sweat, tears, or the sea.”

It’s true. I can vouch for all three.

Soon after Luca passed, we went to see a healer who did chakra readings on us. She said our crown chakras were spinning out of control, and that this often happens to people after the loss of a loved one.  In losing Luca and having such a devastating loss that we weren’t prepared for, it not only rocked our entire existence, but it left us in this state of mind where we don’t care if we leave this world. We don’t care if we were here or there. We live everyday oscillating between life on this earth, and daydreaming of life with Luca.

The healer told us to go to the ocean, put our feet in the sand and the seawater, and ground in. Ground in to get brought back into living here on earth, and so we don’t float away up into the sky, or really, so that we don’t give up.

photo 1 photo 2

After Luca, we spent many days going to the ocean. It called for us. In the summer, we jumped in the water and frolicked like children. Gina and I would run into the water and yell Luca’s name as we dove into the waves. We skipped rocks, just like we planned to do with him when he got older. We walked through the sand to the edge of the water, and waited for our feet to sink into the ground and be covered by the ocean.

photo 3 Sinking in. Feet grounded beneath the earth. 

Listening to the sound of the great, vast ocean, and receiving the peace that came with the cleansing of the water on our bodies.

The ocean offered us solace, and took care of us during the deepest parts of our grief.

~ C G-C

photo 3photo 2

The ocean

Read more from Carla in her recent article in Mutha Magazine or on her blog

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3 comments on “Nature Heals (Part 4 of 4): The Ocean
  1. SL says:

    I live in Ocean Beach, CA. While jogging on the beach today. I found a flat sandstone in the surf with a heart on one side and ” # LUCADORO ” on the other…Is this connected to you…?

    • Yes – you found the connection – Luca’s 2 year birthday just passed on March 10. Luca continues to connect. 🙂

      • SL says:

        My partner and I tossed the stone back in to the ocean off the end of the OB pier.last Sunday; The thought being of continuance, movement and renewal..
        May you find joy in knowing that life never ends…it lives in the heart of those that life has touched.
        Be well…