Letter to My Mother

I wrote this letter to my mother in my journal while sitting on the above rock. It had been a month and a half since she passed, and I took a solo trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Dear Mom, I miss you so much. I miss your laugh. I miss you in the morning when I visit, in your robe or pjs, making toast, sipping coffee or tea, so

Nature Heals (Part 2 of 4):

Falling Leaves “Nature Heals” is a four-part series exploring how the forest, ocean, and mountains can help develop a deeper understanding of peace through grief… Last weekend, my sister and I dove into the last of my parents’ personal “stuff” – the final drawers to discover since my mom passed. It had taken us a while to build up to this task. We peacefully explored the contents which ranged from hand-written

5-Minutes for Compassion

“Use what seems like poison as medicine. Use your  personal suffering as the path to compassion for all beings.” After my mom died, I was having so much trouble connecting with her. I was feeling lost and alone. I turned to meditation as a way to calm my heart and to connect with her spirit. A few months later, in reading When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron I came across a

Your Grief is My Grief

Photo: Farm in Franschhoek, South Africa When we’re in the depths of our grief, it can feel as if no one in the whole world understands how we’re feeling. We feel completely alone. Our friends, coworkers and family couldn’t possibly comprehend our struggle. And in some truth, they can’t. Each of us has a unique genetic make-up and set of life-experiences that contribute to our grief. But when we really

Be Crumbled, Be Changed

Inside each of us there’s a continual autumn. Our leaves fall and are blown out over the water, a crow sits in the blackened limbs and talks about what’s gone. There’s a necessary dying, and then we are reborn breathing again. Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled so wildflowers will come up where you are. ~Rumi A month before my mom died, my life looked pretty

The Closure Debate

After my first post, a friend sent me a link to Nancy Berns TEDx-talk on Closure. That friend had recently lost one of her newborn twins and the video helped her find comfort in her journey with loss. I agree- it’s a must watch for anyone dealing with grief and perhaps struggling with the idea of “closure”. (Scroll down for the video) Closure is a concept we’ve all heard of, right? It’s

Peace Through Grief: The Beginning

After the sudden loss of my mom last year and the loss of my dad eleven years ago, I’m beginning to consider that maybe, just maybe, I’m here on this earth to talk to others about grief. In the recent years I’ve also lost two friends to incurable illnesses and seen dear friends lose their unborn or newborn children. I have seen the strain, discomfort, and confusion that grief brings to

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