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Welcome to Peace Through Grief; may this be one of your resources today for traversing life’s challenging times, and remembering that you are not alone.

Grief Blog

Feel free to browse the blog, with posts on grief, ritual, self-judgement, self-love, and dealing with loss. Sharing our stories is one way to engage the transformation process of grief. Here, I share my personal grief journey through of the death of my parents, and other significant life challenges and opportunities. May these stories inspire others to share their stories, exploring storytelling as a vital part of the process of transformation.

Exploring Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a powerful resource for personal transformation, available to us at every moment. And, it takes practice! Being aware of the many aspects of the present moment, in the present moment, can be challenging, especially when our minds are habitually drawn to the past, or to the future. Let’s explore opportunities for mindfulness practice, or plan for a training at your place of work, school, community center, or faith group. Read more…

Chaplain Services

Learn more about Interfaith Chaplain Services and how a chaplain may be of support to you in times of crisis or difficulty. For those struggling with grief, lack of meaning, depression, loss, or spiritual crisis, chaplains offer unique support that often is not offered by other disciplines: bearing witness and coming alongside you as you journey, and helping to tie together your own personal expression of spirituality and your complex healing process.

I work with individuals, families, or groups that are experiencing grief or loss. I also work with couples, including officiating wedding ceremonies and offering pre-marriage spiritual counseling. Read more on chaplain sessions and services.

About the Author/Chaplain

In my “about” page, I share my personal human path through grief and loss, and how those experiences brought me to my work as a mindfulness educator and chaplain.

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